Work-Related Injury

My condition was brought on by a work related injury. I was told I had carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and thoracic outlet syndrome. I was given cortisone shots in the elbow and my hands were purple and cold all the time. They felt like they had been frost bitten. Then a Dr. told me he wouldn’t do surgery on me because it could come back ten times worse, so I was referred to another Dr. who gave me shots in my neck, shoulder and elbow. I even had 6 nerve deadening shots in my neck for pain. Then I would try to go for walks, or take naps but I couldn’t even do that because I was numb on the right side. I couldn’t even clean my own house, or drive long distances, or go fishing because my hands and arms would fall asleep. I became very depressed. I had trouble sleeping, was up and down all night, and I couldn’t even make homemade bread or stir cookies up because the pain was so bad and things kept falling out of my hands. I had to hold a cup of coffee with both hands. I was a mess. I told my mother I had to do something because I was so depressed I didn’t care if I lived or died.

I gave it a try to see if Dr. Link could help. I made an appointment, had x-rays taken and when Dr. Link asked me what was bothering me, I said I was having trouble sleeping, walking, and turning my head. My arms and hands fell asleep at night and I was very depressed. My pain was a 10+ when I started treatments. Dr. Link took my case seriously and placed me on a 90 day treatment plan. My pain is now 0. I sleep normally at night and walk better. I make homemade items again. I can do things with my grandchildren. Instead of saying no, I say “let’s go”. My energy has tripled, I am 100 percent different.

Dr. Link gave me my life back. I am sure he can do the same for you.