Worsening Lower Back Pain

I have suffered from low back pain for years. Recently, it became much worse – to the point where I could not move at all. There was a lot of pain which sometimes brought tears to my eyes. I could not stand, sit or sleep, and it was impossible to bend over. Normally, I am a very active person, but I could no longer do any of my routine, daily activities. My life was no longer a happy experience.

After finding no other source of relief, I started treating with Dr. Link. My health has improved a lot since then. Now, I can sit, stand, bend over and sleep again. My pain level is down, and I am back to doing my daily chores and activities. I’ve noticed that my energy level has improved quite a bit – you can do more when you feel well and are not in pain.

The results of my treatment with Dr. Link have been very successful. There is a definite improvement in my lower back, and now I know I will never have to consider surgery again. Regular visits to Dr. Link will keep my back healthy and functioning the way it should. I am happy again!