Back Pain, Stomach Problems


I have had upper back pain between my shoulder blades for years, but the two weeks prior to visiting Dr. Link, it was intolerable. I was in constant pain and could not sleep at night. Both arms would go to sleep during the night and also when I would drive or write or type. Recently, I also started having severe stomach problems, so I finally came to Dr. Link for treatment.

After five weeks of treatment, I feel wonderful! My back pain has improved 99%. I can finally sleep again. The numbness in my arms and hands has diminished, and I am now able to drive, write, type and perform other daily activities with little or no pain.

Dr. Link also prescribed enzymes for my stomach problems and they have worked wonders! I no longer suffer with stomach pain. With continued adjustments and proper enzymes, I feel that my body is slowly returning to a healthy state. I have Dr. Link and the program his clinic offers to thank for my amazing improvement.

If you are suffering from health conditions in addition to the usual “back problems”, do not hesitate to come to Dr. Link. His program can assist in returning you to good health and much energy and happiness.

– Vicky H.