Chronic Sinusitis

I developed a case of a runny nose that just wouldn’t quit. This went on for about three weeks. I have been seeing Dr. Link for several years and he has been very successful in helping me get off hormone replacement therapy, fixing my digestive problems, getting my bowels regulated and so many other things too numerous to name. At the age of 63 I am on no medications at all thanks to Dr. Link. He had been working on this sinus issue with me by increasing my drainage remedies but they just didn’t work this time. Finally I called him and told him that the runny nose had gotten to the point that my nose was very sore and had developed a crack from the irritation which was very painful. I told him that we had to do something and he said “you are right, come in and we will find out what is CAUSING this and fix it”.

I came in the next day and he went back to the basics and tested the common stressors to find out what was causing the problem. He found a virus and placed me on a small program. Then he told me to call him in two days and let him know how things were progressing. He was sure that this program would work. Two days later I reported in, and much to my surprise, I was able to tell him that it was better. The crack was healing but the irritation was more swollen and was developing a sore. He said that was good because the body was going through an inflammatory phase to coalesce the virus and would eventually reject it from the body. He has been right so many times in the past that I took his word for it and within a few days that is exactly what happened. The sinuses stopped draining and the inflammation went down. Things are now back to normal and there is no more inflammation or sinus drainage.

Until he found that a virus was involved treatment was unsuccessful; but when he found the real cause of the problem and addressed it, improvement was noticeable within twenty-four hours. The things that he has been able to do for me have been amazing over the years. Thanks to him I am on no medications and have been able to get off the hormone replacement therapy that I had been placed on when I went through menopause. Nutrition Response Testing does amazing things and is entirely natural, working with the body to facilitate the body to be able to heal itself.

Again, thank you Dr. Link.

– Elaine Y