Chronically Feeling Cold


I suffered with a cold body for sixteen years. Even in the summer when it was 90 degrees outside I would still have to turn on the heat in the car and wear socks to bed. I even had to sleep with at least three blankets. Dr. Link did Nutritional Response Testing on me, which, at first, I found to be a little strange, but the results were phenomenal. Dr. Link explained to me that when something resonated well with the body the muscle would become strong which indicated that the body liked that particular product. I could feel the muscle get strong when he tested me with a product that the body needed, and when I didn’t need a product the muscle did not get strong which I could also feel.

After just two weeks on the products I began to notice an improvement in my body temperature. This continued to improve over the next six weeks until I got to the point where my body is warm all of the time. This last winter when it got very cold I could go outside with a light coat. I don’t wear socks to bed now. My feet and hands feel warm all of the time. One blanket is sufficient even in the cold weather for sleeping now. My whole body is warm now and I don’t even wear winter pajamas. It feels really good to be back to normal now. I feel very healthy with Dr. Link’s treatment plan. My husband says thank you very much for saving his honey.

– Naxhije I.