Crohn’s Disease, Back Problems


My history of back problems goes back many years. I had a lot of physical therapy, doctor visits and hospital stays which included traction. I also had Crohn’s Disease which gave me a great deal of discomfort. The most recent episode of back pain started about seven months ago. The pain was quite severe, a 10+. I could barely walk, was unable to bend over or stoop, and could not sleep. In fact, I had to give up sleeping in my bed and could only sleep on the couch where I could lean against the back of it. I was unable to jog, work in my garden and yard, and ride a bicycle, as well as most other physical activities. Food was also an issue. Anything with acid in it irritated my stomach, which also kept me from sleeping.

I came to Dr. Link about two months ago. Chiropractic adjustments helped somewhat, but not completely. Then, after one month, Dr. Link started me on his Nutritional Response Testing program.

Within a short time I was seeing results and was feeling better.
It has now been another month and I am able to walk every morning and am adding to the distance each week. I can bend if I do it carefully, and I am able to lift things, move furniture and do yard work. Finally, I am back in my own bed and sleeping very well. Also, I am once again able to eat anything I want and still lose weight, as planned. The relief of pain has been tremendous and my attitude is much better now.

I would recommend Dr. Link and the Nutritional Response Testing Program to anyone who is having any type of problem! Giving your body the nutrition it is starving for, and eliminating the things it cannot tolerate, will heal you and make you well again.

– Norman P.