Diabetes and Stomach Pain

When I came to Dr. Link I felt like I wanted to die. I had suffered with diabetes almost all my life and my digestion was a terrible mess. I had such stomach pains and a lot of diarrhea. My pain was a 10+ on a scale of 1-10. I had no energy … no pep at all. My terrible health made doing my job so much harder. I was depressed and all I wanted to do was lie around and sleep all the time. I just felt awful.

My diabetic condition was completely out of control, despite having been treated medically for over 30 years. I often had blood sugar levels of 200 or higher. I was on three shots of insulin a day to try to control it, but it was not working and I was only getting worse.

I knew I needed help badly, so I went to Dr. Link in my desperation. That was about a year ago. And the state of my health now is as different as night from day. My digestion gives me little to no trouble at all. I can eat so much more now. And my blood sugar is now under control. Whereas I used to have to take up to 45 units of insulin a day, I am now taking about 10 units in two weeks! This is a huge improvement!

But the best part is I feel so much better. My energy is through the roof. I am always on the go. And I do all sorts of things I never thought I would ever be able to do just a year ago. In fact, soon I will be going on a canoe trip!

I am so grateful to Dr. Link and his staff for teaching me the true meaning of vibrant health and how a proper diet is the foundation of that. They taught me how to eat and take care of my body. Thanks to them, I now have the tools to maintain my health.

My advice to anyone considering Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Link is you have to do what your body tells you to do. This testing really works. I am living proof. Dr. Link did more for me in one year than the mainstream medical system could do in over thirty.

I got my life back and you can, too!