Esophageal, Stomach and Intestinal Disorders

I suffered from esophageal, stomach and intestinal disorders for years. In 1958, I was having gall bladder attacks but the medical doctors told me it was all in my mind. My pain level was a 10+ and I was on a liquid diet because I couldn’t tolerate or digest any foods. I had no energy, felt nauseous all the time and was unable to sleep. Chiropractic adjustment helped somewhat but it did not alleviate my problems.

After a severe pregnancy and delivery, I developed colitis and a herniated disk which were treated with steam baths and spinal injections. I had two surgeries in 1969; one for gall bladder and one to repair the herniated disk. The stress returned and so did the esophagus problems. Thousands of dollars were spent at several hospitals, with no relief. The last five or six years, my food allergies got worse and I was again unable to eat and digest food. I was to a point where I had no quality of life!

Then my daughter-in-law told me about Dr. Link’s Nutrition Response Testing Program. After Dr. Link identified my problems – the types of nutrition my body required to heal itself and what my body could not tolerate, I diligently began my nutrition program and my ultimate return to good health.

I have been on the nutrition program for two months and I am a totally new person. After building up my minerals and adhering to the program, I can now eat ham, turkey, rib eye and digest it all with no pain whatsoever! My severe sinus/allergy symptoms are 90% improved. My strength is coming back, and it is a joy to eat many of the foods I was unable to enjoy for years. I bake my own bread, and am careful about my diet. The difference in my quality of life is HUGE! I feel better, have renewed energy, a great attitude and am enjoying my life once again. Thank you, Dr. Link!