Fatigue and Inability to Lose Weight

I had been trying to lose weight for years. I had tried so many diets and supplements that I was about to give up because nothing seemed to work. As a result of all these attempts I had progressively gotten run down and was tired all of the time. When I heard about Dr. Link I thought I would try again. His approach was completely different from anything I had ever experienced in the past. What impressed me the most about his work was that he let my body tell him what was wrong and what needed to be addressed. He worked with my diet and used whole food supplements to supplement my dietary program.

Over the next several months we went through several layers as he worked with me. What I noticed initially was a gradual increase in my energy and then I began to lose weight. He had told me that my weight loss was not his primary concern, but rather the health of my body. As my body healed and got stronger my weight loss would follow. That is exactly what happened. I have lost about 30 pounds and feel healthier than I have for years. Dr. Link helped when nothing else could. His work is totally unbelievable.

Thank you Dr. Link for helping me when I was about to give up. You gave me my life back.

Kathy L.