High Cholesterol, Thyroid, Insomnia, Overweight


Over the years, I have had a few minor back problems which Dr. Link was able to treat successfully. However, in 2005, I began to feel generally bad all over and all the time. My thyroid and cholesterol were high, and I had trouble sleeping. I was overweight and was experiencing symptoms of menopause.

I started treating with Dr. Link for these unfavorable conditions. I went through a lengthy nutritional questionnaire, and the answers enabled Dr. Link to determine what was wrong and what was needed to correct my condition. I went on a nutritionally healthy diet and started to take several different supplements. These supplements are not synthetic, but are made from whole, organic food.

Now, I am off all the synthetic prescriptions and I take only whole food supplements. I have tons of energy and feel great all the time. Life is much more fun and meaningful now. I will never go back to my old way of living. Dr. Link has the best “prescription” for health by approaching it the chiropractic way.

Alice M.