Hormone Replacement Therapy

I was seeing Dr. Link for general health concerns and doing his nutritional work. Dr. Link successfully helped a good friend of mine get off of her hormone replacement therapy. In several months she was totally off of the therapy with no signs or symptoms. In the meantime she used to have to sleep with socks on at night and always had cold hands. This was a problem that she had had for years. It took about two years but her hands and feet warmed up and she stopped wearing socks to bed.

With her success I asked Dr. Link if he could help me prepare for menopause so that I could have an uneventful transition. He replied that he would be happy to help me. I wanted to just be able to move into and through menopause without having to go through all of the problems that I had heard regarding moods, hot flashes, and the like. Over the next couple of years he helped me with several issues, one of which was spots on different parts of my body like my legs which I had had for several years. In his testing he said that they were fungal in nature and began treatment using entirely natural products. They completely resolved over a couple of years. He also treated my ruddy complexion which was a concern of mine for years. It took about two years but now my face has a natural color and the cheeks a healthy pink and not the rough red color that they had been for many years. He has helped with colds and flu like symptoms over the years and I am happy to say that his testing really works. I have reserved another success story in which I talk about a severe skin rash that was a medical disaster. That is found in his success stories under the heading severe crotch itch.

It is an amazing success story.

Alice M