Intense Stomach Pain


I have gone to Dr. Link for different medical problems in the past and he has always helped me. But I had started going to a Natural Health doctor in Lafayette, IN because I was in Lafayette a lot. On Feb. 2, 2008 I started having stomach pain. I wasn’t sure what it was but I thought I had the stomach flu or something that would pass. On Feb.5, I went to the emergency room at Home Hospital in Lafayette, IN because whenever I would eat I would have a burning in my stomach and lots of pain. They did an ultrasound and CT scan of my gallbladder and blood work. They told me they didn’t find anything, but I needed to go see my doctor.

On Feb. 7, I went to see my medical doctor. She read the report from Home Hospital and said that my gallbladder was distended. She scheduled me for a test called a HydaScan (where they put radioactive dye in the IV and watch it go through your organs). I could not eat anything but Jell-O, pudding or chicken broth because it would cause so much pain. The test was scheduled for Feb. 11. I woke up at 3:30am on Feb. 11 in so much pain that we went to the Emergency Room at Iroquois Memorial Hospital. They gave me morphine for the pain and then I had to wait for later that day to do the HydaScan because you can’t have it if you have pain medicine in your body.

The test showed that my gallbladder was filling but not dumping into my small bowel. They scheduled me to see a specialist on Feb. 14. I still could not eat anything and was losing weight and strength rapidly. He took a blood test and looked at the results of the HydaScan. The blood work didn’t show anything. He scheduled me for an ERCP (which is a scope down the throat to look at the gallbladder). I had this done on Feb. 15 at Riverside Hospital in Kankakee, IL. He said that my gallbladder didn’t look like it was working so he made a little incision in it and ran a balloon through the ducts to widen them and hoped this would help. He then scheduled me for a colonoscopy and EDG (which is another scope down the throat). The colonoscopy showed that I have polyps (which he removed), diverticulitis, and gastritis. Nothing they have done had helped with the pain.

I kept praying to God to help me. I kept thinking about Dr. Link, but the specialist scheduled me with a surgeon to talk about removing my gallbladder. I went to see the surgeon on Feb 26. He looked at all the tests and my symptoms and said according to my symptoms, it is my gallbladder, but the blood test doesn’t confirm this. He made me feel like it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong. He wanted me to have the HydaScan repeated. They scheduled that for Feb 28. I am becoming more and more depressed. My medical bills are over $20,000.00 and nobody knows what is wrong.

The afternoon of Feb. 26 Dr. Link’s name comes into my head again and I call and schedule an appointment for Feb 27. I start telling him everything that has happened. He said that this is a great time because he has a new testing he is doing called Nutritional Response Testing and if I am willing he can do it right now. He does the testing on me and it shows my problems are my heart, pancreas and titanium. We figured out that my glasses were made of titanium. He had me start taking his supplements in his office and go to the restaurant and eat some soup and applesauce, then come back to his office and rest.

Whenever I would eat, I could feel my stomach tighten and have a horrible pain after about 1 hour. I did these things and didn’t have the pain. Amazing! He told me to rest the next day and come back that afternoon. I did that and followed his recommended diet of only cooked fruits and vegetables and took the supplements. I can only say it is a miracle. I cancelled the HydaScan. I am now following the program that Dr. Link has laid out for me and am feeling better everyday. I also went and got new glasses that are made of plastic. I guarantee that I will be a life-long patient of Dr. Link’s. He gave me my life back. I am now eating a regular diet and enjoying my life again.

– L.B.