Knee Problems


I was having a great deal of difficulty with my right knee. I learned it was really aggravated by climbing ladders. Being a farmer, the pain and swelling got quite severe in the fall during harvest. I was in and out and up and down on a combine and tractors and on grain bins. I had surgery on the knee thirty-five years earlier for a torn cartilage and feared some deterioration associated with that. After harvest, I went to Doc to see if he could help me. He examined the knee and swelling and suggested that I might really benefit from a soft tissue building supplement called Ligaplex II. I began taking the supplement and over a period of 4-6 weeks, the knee began to improve. I have experienced full recovery with no pain or swelling. I continue to take the supplement. With parents who have both knee replacements (6 between them), I really feel blessed to have corrected this deficiency.

The added benefit was something Doc had no knowledge of. I had a bad fall from a ladder onto concrete a few years ago and severely sprained both ankles. X-rays with an orthopedic specialist suggested serious damage to both ankles. I had resigned myself to living with constant aching and increasing fatigue in my ankles. Walks on any uneven ground had become very difficult. I took Advil for the aching more and more frequently. As a result of taking Ligaplex II, a few months later a realization struck me–my ankles didn’t hurt any more after several years. I have no difficulty with my ankles and never experience any fatigue or aching. Thanks Doc, for an unbelievable recovery!

– Marvin A.