Migraine Headaches


I suffered from migraine headaches for five years. My head was always pounding and throbbing. I missed a lot of school … 35 days in one semester! Four times I was in the hospital so I could get some relief from the pain. I took a lot of medication in an attempt to get well, including heavy duty pain killers, but this didn’t really help.

I could not run or exercise without making my head hurt more. My sleep was interrupted. I had no desire to spend time with friends or do anything but lie on the couch and sleep as much as possible.

My mom brought me to see Dr. Link in March of 2009 to try acupuncture, but he recommended Nutrition Response Testing. He tested me and gave me the supplements I needed. After a couple of visits, we began doing adjustments, too. As a result, I missed only two days of school the next semester … the days I was at Dr. Link’s being getting help. I have missed no more school since. My pain level has dropped to a three on most days. I can sleep at night without waking up, and I can do the things I enjoy without worrying about my head hurting. All this has given me a much more positive outlook on life. I feel really good now, thanks to Dr. Link.