Severe Crotch Itch

Dr. Link has been advising me on nutrition for over 10 years and has helped me with things like a ruddy complexion, spots on different parts of my body, making a smooth transition into menopause and providing support for the common cold and flu like symptoms as well many other things. But this latest story is like a miracle. Over the past several months he had been providing mild liver support – basically assisting my liver to detoxify and clean up. One day I asked him why this was happening to which he responded that he didn’t know, but the body would reveal what would need to be done next. Apparently the liver was cleaning house and getting ready to reject these “soon to be identified” parasites. So here is just what happened.

I suddenly developed a rash in the crotch which was very itchy and caused me to scratch in order to get some relief. When it first came on I went to the medical doctor and got some lotion and Benadryl which didn’t even begin to handle either the rash or the itch. This was at least 5 days before I was able to get in to see Dr. Link. When I finally got in to see him 5 days after seeing the medical doctor and using the things from her that did absolutely nothing to help me, I was a wreck. I couldn’t sleep and all I wanted to do was to scratch myself all of the time. I told Dr. Link that if I had a wire brush I would “scratch it” like crazy. When he saw the rash on my thighs he later told me that he had assumed it was a fungus because of its appearance. He said yes it appears to be very raw and no doubt very sore and itchy. I asked if he could help me and as he always answers, “let me test you and we will go from there if that is alright with you.”

When he got done testing he told me that I had parasites; he found a program that he said I tested for and was I willing to do it. Of course I was. Then I asked him if he could do anything to help my itch. He found a product which tested well for the itch and with these three products he then said “Now if this is the right program you will notice a difference within 24 hours. The problem will not be cleared up but you will notice a change in the right direction, so call me tomorrow evening and let me know what is going on.” I called him the next evening to report that the itch was better but that the rash was still spreading. He assured me that the program was fine and that he didn’t need to see me for a week. The rash would soon start to decrease as it hadn’t peaked yet. When he saw me the next week the rash was completely gone and the skin had returned to its original texture. I had a slight itch in two places and you can guess where they were. He tweaked my program and told me that unless something occurred to cause me to come in before the next two week period he would see me in two weeks. Two weeks later the itch was completely gone and I had no more symptoms. He cautioned me to continue with the program which he adjusted again and told me that it would take three months to completely clear up the parasites. After three months my body tested negatively for the supplements to handle the parasites just as he said. I couldn’t believe how well he was able to handle this severe condition. It was easy for him thanks to Nutrition Response Testing.