Severe Hives from Medications

I am 82 years old and have always been very sensitive to medications. I began having blood pressure problems a little over a year ago and the medical doctor placed me on blood pressure medications. These did not help me very much because I started to have hives and break outs on my scalp, back, chest and arms. This continued for about three and a half months continuing to worsen. The itch got so bad that I wanted to scratch all of the time. I was miserable and didn’t know what to do. All medical treatment for the hives failed. I developed large welts in all of these places. I just wanted to die. My daughter tried to get me to go see Dr. Link but I was very resistant.

Finally, I gave in and went only to get her to stop nagging me. He told me that the testing revealed that the hives were definitely related to the medications and offered me a program to begin clearing my body of the toxic meds that he said were causing the problem. Again, I let my daughter talk me into doing his program so I started taking his supplements and working on my diet. The diet was the hard thing but I have improved to some extent in that area, although I know I could do better. It took about two months before the hives cleared up but with persistence we got them under control. The medical doctor eventually conceded to taking me off of the blood pressure medication which caused other problems as well.

Dr. Link continues to work with me and my blood pressure. He explained to me that using his Nutrition Response Testing the body tells him what needs to be handled at any particular point in time. He is working with my blood pressure at the present time and has found a relation to the thyroid gland. It is all rather foreign to me but this much I know- he has been able to help me when the medical system has failed. Because of his program I feel better than I had in a long time and am still not taking any medications. That is practically unheard of for someone my age. Thank you Dr. Link and to my daughter for her persistence in getting me in to receive real health care at its’ finest.

Betty R.