Throat and Swallowing Problems


Two weeks before Thanksgiving while eating I choked and was taken to the hospital. After two days, I got to the point I could only swallow liquids. After the first of December, they sent me to the hospital for x-rays and an endoscopy. They said I had sinus infection in my throat. I started coming here having been referred by a friend of mine on February 21st and found out that I had a problem with the nerves going to my throat from my neck. Dr. Link started working on my neck and straightening out the curve which I had developed.

Within a couple of weeks I noticed that the swallowing started to become easier. He gave me supplements to help settle my stomach and gave me the enzymes I needed to help my stomach function. I completely stopped taking the nexium and noticed less stomach distress. By mid-February, I started to eat meat and other things I couldn’t eat before. I’m eating much more than I did before with no pain when I swallow. Dr. Link did what the medical doctors couldn’t do for me. I really appreciate his help.

– Delmar B.