Torn Knee Cartilage


As a result of a torn knee cartilage, I was told I would never walk again. I was in a wheelchair for two years which caused my leg to become bent to the point I could barely stand up. I developed severe sciatica and was in so much pain that I was in tears all the time, and I prayed to God for relief from my pain, which, on a scale of 1-10, was at least a 15. I was unable to do anything at all – I had absolutely no quality of life whatsoever! I was very sad and depressed and did not want to talk to anyone, laugh or spend time with my family. There were many times when I spent entire days in bed in pain and tears.

After three months of total agony, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Link and began my treatment, and road to recovery and good health. Now, approximately five weeks later, I am a brand new person! My pain level is about 2-3, and I am able to raise my foot and leg that I was unable to for 14 years. I am happy again, and I laugh a lot. Now I can sleep, play with my dog and enjoy my family. I am also able to do my housework, and enjoy spending time outdoors. It is so great to be able to drive the car again and go places.

I am so thankful and happy – God and Dr. Link have given me my life back! Now, I actually enjoy getting up each morning, and I look forward to each day with joy and happiness.