Unresolved Ankle Ulcer

I had an open sore (Dr. Link called it an ulcer) on the inside of my ankle by the bump for about a year which I had tried to have treated medically with creams, salves, antibiotics and other recommendations to no avail. The ulcer was about 3 inches in diameter and kept “weeping” a clear fluid. It would seem to partially clear up but never cleared up in the year that I was undergoing medical interventions. Finally I decided to see Dr. Link because he had helped my wife in the past using natural supplements for various conditions.

When he saw it he just asked me how long I had it and what I had done for it. I told him what I have just described and then asked him if he could help me. His reply was “let me test you, see what I can find, and then we can go from there. I said OK. He found that I tested for parasites and bacteria. He then found a program for which I tested favorably and when he explained it to me it made sense. I was ready to try anything because standard medical treatment had done nothing for me.

Dr. Link said that if he had found the right treatment there would be a positive change in a week. He said that did not mean that the ulceration would be healed but there would be a noticeable improvement to indicate that things were moving in the right direction. When I saw him a week later the ulcer had completely healed over. There was no more weeping and skin had covered that area that was exposed for a year.

He was amazed as was I. His response was, “well it appears that the program is working and working very well I might add”. He reminded me that since we were dealing with parasites the program needed to be followed for at least 60 days so that we could actually handle the parasites. He then mentioned that the ankle ulcer was the result of pooling of the blood from its inability to flow back to the heart as a result of blockage in the venous circulation. You see, I had severe discoloration of both legs for about 10 years with leg and foot swelling. My calves were so swollen that I couldn’t pull my jeans up over them. My feet, especially the right one were swollen and puffy with fluid and the reddish-purple discoloration was from my ankles up to about 2 inches from the knees. I had worked on a cattle farm for about 5 years but hadn’t been there for the last ten years.

Dr. Link thought that I had probably picked up the parasite while working on the cattle farm. I also had been on blood pressure medication for the last six years. He thought that working with this condition could help with the blood pressure, discoloration, swelling as well as the ulcer. Over the next several months the ulcer never returned, the swelling went down and the discoloration got smaller. I even had to reduce my blood pressure medication. When I lost my job I had to discontinue care because of negative cash flow but thanks to Dr. Link I was able to finally get to the bottom of things and handle issues which had plagued me for years. Dr. Link did what no one else could do- get to the source of my problem and put me back on the road to health.

Thank you Dr. Link.

Danny S.