Upper Back Pain


I began having pain in my upper back between the shoulder blades a couple of years ago. I thought it was a product of aging and would get better with time if I didn’t abuse it. However with time, the chronic pain just got worse and worse. After harvest, I decided I must get help when I was unable to even get my arms over my head to change a light bulb. The pain was always present and beginning to affect everything that I did. I really feared a disc in my back was the problem and dreaded the treatment.

I went to Dr. Link and shared the problem. After examination, he suggested his belief that the problem was related to a pancreas or liver problem in digestion. Doc prescribed some enzymes (Chiro-Zyme HCL). I began taking the enzymes but quite frankly I knew my problem was surely misdiagnosed. I felt sure that we would be pursuing another avenue of treatment in a month or so. Over the course of the next month, the pain gradually subsided. What a relief after months of continuous and increasing pain to have no pain in my back. I continue to take the enzymes and have learned that if I miss a couple of days of taking them, the pain begins to re-emerge. No question, Doc diagnosed the problem correctly. I shudder to think what course I might have had to take had I not gone to him. An added benefit is the enhanced tolerance of some milk products after years of acute intolerance. Thank you, Doc.

– Marvin A.