Dr. Link’s Radio Spots
•  Environmental Pollutants
•  The Main Causes of Disease
•  Food Sensitivities
•  Immune Challenges
•  Specific Immune Challenges
•  The Prevalence of Immune Challenges
•  Metal Toxicity
•  Metal Toxicities: Mercury
•  Metal Toxicities: Aluminum
•  Metal Toxicities: Lead
•  Metal Toxicities: Arsenic
•  Chemical Toxicities: Chlorine
•  Chemical Toxicities: Formaldehyde
•  Chemical Toxicities Summary
•  The Stressors in Review
•  Major Difference Between Traditional
Health Care & Nutrition Response Testing

•  Prevention is Always Better
•  Diabetic Case Study
•  The Spirit Body Connection
•  Foundational Premise
•  Case Study: Unresolved Low Back Pain
•  Case Study: Stiff Neck
•  Case Study: Chronic Asthma
•  Case Study: Titanium Poisoning
•  Effectiveness of Nutrition Response Testing

Introduction to Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Link:

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Part 6:

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Demonstrations by the Founder of Nutrition Response Testing:


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