The Health Corner Vol. 15 – Nutrition Response Testing Overview

For those of you who have been following our articles, we have been talking about Nutrition Response Testing.  During this time, we have given several different illustrations, case studies, and we have talked about some of the processes involved in the whole health picture.
This article is going to focus on the uniqueness of Nutrition Response Testing and we hope to give you an overview of some of the things that make it very different from the traditional nutritional approach to health.

The first thing one needs to understand is that Nutrition Response Testing is based upon the tester being able to read or communicate with the body so that the tester can, through different questions, find out from the body what is going on.  It should be rather apparent how different this is from listening to somebody elaborate on their symptoms and then come up with a diagnosis or an analysis of what needs to be treated and then treating that organ.  Nutrition Response Testing is much more refined because it relies on not trying to understand the processes that are going on in the body but just ascertaining from the individual’s body that is being tested what actually is going on, and then providing the support as appropriate.
So, the first point of Nutrition Response Testing lies in an understanding of how to communicate with the body, and then let the body tell the tester what needs to be done.
The second point that is very unique to Nutrition Response Testing is similar to what I like to refer to as the pyramid approach.  In other words, we find the foundational things that need to be worked on before building the next layer.  If you build the pyramid properly, one layer at a time, you will end up with a complete structure that is indestructible and will withstand the test of time, allegorically speaking.  This starts first with a properly functioning autonomic nervous system, and that autonomic nervous system which as we may have related before has two parts, the sympathetic nervous system responsible for fright, flight and fight reactions, and the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for rest and digestion.  In a properly functioning individual, this autonomic nervous system is able to regulate and control body function because it is properly functioning.  Unique in Nutrition Response Testing is the ability to assess the function of this autonomic nervous system and then correct it.  This is really the very first level of the entire procedure for Nutrition Response Testing.  The reason for this is the whole concept of checking the reflexes of the body is based upon these reflexes which are under autonomic nervous system control.  So, if the autonomic nervous system is functioning improperly, you’ll not be able to get a proper reflex analysis performed.  I used the analogy of trying to test the different circuits in a house with a voltmeter.  If that voltmeter is functioning properly, then you will get proper readings on the different circuits.  If that voltmeter is not working properly, the result that you get will not be correct, and this is where Nutrition Response Testing first makes sure that the voltmeter, or the autonomic nervous system, is working correctly before, and then doing a reflex exam.

Another unique factor to Nutrition Response Testing is once you find several different reflexes, and it may be anywhere from one to six, or sometimes there are more which indicates something else that needs to be addressed; but once you find all these different reflexes, Nutrition Response Testing has the ability to determine which reflex needs to be addressed first.  For somebody who likes to sell a lot of pills, this is not very advantageous because you may treat that one particular priority reflex and it may handle three, four or five different reflexes.  That will keep the number of supplements that one uses to a minimum and also the total number of pills used per day to a minimum.   But in so doing, it will correct those other reflexes and take care of the problem that has been revealed at that particular level or layer of the onion.

There is another fantastically unique nature to Nutrition Response Testing, and that is its consideration of the stressors which are causing the problem.  What we mean by that are those different factors, environmental, food habits, immune challenges, and things of that nature that are often fundamentally causing an issue to become prominent or not.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s say that the stomach is found to be an area that needs to be addressed.  The traditional nutritional approach would use perhaps enzymes in order to support the stomach and facilitate digestion.  While this may be helpful, it may become a permanent issue because the stomach is still compromised and needs to be fixed before it can reproduce or utilize the enzymes or stimulate the enzymes to function.  We find this by checking for the different stressors that are present and finding which of those may need to be addressed.  For example, perhaps there is a bacterial problem or maybe there is a food sensitivity that is causing the stomach to malfunction, weaken and become inoperative.  When that is addressed and the stomach is rebuilt and repairs, the need for enzymes may be completely eliminated.