The Health Corner Vol. 28 – Menstruation

Today, I’m going to talk about female issues; specifically menstrual problems that the majority of women in this country seem to face today.  It’s very interesting to note that fifty or sixty years ago, menstruation was considered to be a normal process.  Every month, a menstruating woman would go through her cycle with little difficulty and little interruption to her life.  However, in recent times, in talking to women about it I have found that, by and large, they just dread that time of the month because it is fraught with discomfort and disturbing symptoms.  They may have an increased flow, menstrual cramps and pains, irritability, anxiety, exhaustion … and the list goes on and on.

The question becomes why has this so named ‘premenstrual syndrome’ become so pandemic in this country?  Why do so many women have these issues?  It is my considered opinion that the nutritional deficiencies that have been brought about through our modern, Western diet consisting mostly of processed foods and foods that are devitalized is a major reason.

When we think of menstrual symptoms, specifically we are considering a problem with the ovaries and possibly the uterus, both major endocrine organs.  But when I consider menstrual issues, I have to look at the endocrine system as a whole … the pancreas, the thyroid, the adrenals, and the pituitary, which happens to be the master gland.

The ovaries normally function from the tenth to twelfth year up until about the forty-fifth to the fiftieth year in the average female, and at that point the ovarian function slows down and eventually ceases.  But the hormones previously handled or produced by the ovaries would be taken over by the adrenals, thus showing a relationship between these two glands.  This is an example of how the organs of the endocrine system work in an interrelated fashion.

Thus, when the body is deficient in nutrients needed to drive the endocrine system, it will steal whatever it can from whatever part of the body it can in order to keep the system functioning.  For example, the body often will steal from ovarian function in order to support thyroid and adrenal function.  When this happens, the ovaries become depressed and the normal ovarian cyclic function becomes compromised.  Hence, the individual will have increased symptoms during the menstrual cycle.

Females with stressed endocrine glands also suffer other symptoms such as sleep disorders, difficulties with handling temperature changes, weight issues, problems with concentration, and emotional issues.  Digestive problems are very, very common, as well. The symptoms list can be quite extensive.  This is all because the body is struggling to continue to maintain control of function in spite of a deprivation of proper nutrients.  So, when treating a female with menstrual problems, one has to sort out what area needs to be addressed first and feed that area with proper diet and necessary supplements.

Conventional medical thinking would espouse the idea that we have to provide estrogen or progesterone or some type of hormone replacement therapy in every case.  But, from my perspective, I look at how to rebuild the system from the foundation up, and the best way to do that is with Nutrition Response Testing.  With this comprehensive tool we can ascertain what stressor or stressors are interfering with proper function and address the root cause, thus helping the body to heal itself.  Once this is accomplished we can move from one layer to the next until we restore the female to a healthy state.  This has been done very successfully in many women. In fact, women that have been on hormone replacement or estrogen replacement therapy have been able to stop their medications within a period of six months to a year, simply by following the procedure correctly and rebuilding the system nutritionally.

So, to those women suffering from so-called female problems I say, it is my wish to help you return to a time when menstruation was just a normal, symptom-free function, not the veritable nightmare it has become for so many.  Nutrition Response Testing offers hope from a natural perspective, which is safer and more effective than the commonly used hormone replacement therapy.  I hope you will feel free to call my office with any questions you may have on this subject.

Until then, here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link