The Health Corner Vol. 36 – Case Study: Digestive Issue

Today, I would like to sit back and let one of my patient’s speak to you about her case. She presented to me with digestive problems that started out being rather mild but turned into a literal nightmare before she made the turnaround. But I will let her tell you all about it…

“In October 2006, my endodontist gave me a prescription drug called Levaquin for a supposed infection in my gums. I had taken a different drug but it had not done the job, so the doctor gave me Levaquin next. From day one, I noticed that the new drug was affecting my digestive tract adversely. I knew that antibiotics could cause digestive upset, so I did not think much about it until the second day when I told my husband that I was not sure I could continue taking the drug as I was having so much trouble with nausea. But continue it I did, and I was soon to learn that what I experienced in the beginning was mild in comparison to what was coming.

“I took 13 days’ dosage of this drug until I was told to stop by the doctor when my heart started pounding so hard and fast in his office that I thought I might have to go to the hospital. I was still having trouble with my digestion and it only seemed to be getting worse. I thought once I stopped taking the drug I would get better, but what I did not know is that this type of drug does damage over time, even when the patient stops using it.

“As the weeks went on, I got steadily worse and worse. I began to be able to tolerate only certain types of foods and I had a constant problem with gas. Periodically, I woke in the night with my stomach so bloated it looked as though I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant. My heart rate went up in response to the gastric distress and I felt anxious and upset. My blood pressure sometimes went up to 150 systolic during these episodes.

“Finally, I found I could eat nothing but a bit of baked chicken without skin, canned green beans, and applesauce … nothing else. I ate this fare at every meal, every day, and still I was having terrible gastric distress. Finally, I went to Dr. Link to see if he had any supplements that might help me. I had been going to him for chiropractic care for 7 years and had on occasion taken his supplements as well. He put me on a stomach product for the gas called Gastrex which helped me immensely.

“I thought I had finally found my answer until one day the heart pounding/gastric bloating episode I had did not calm down and I found I could not stand without my heart rate racing to 150. From that point until almost five months later, I was bedridden. And my digestive problems were so bad that I could eat hardly anything at all. I lost 40 lbs. in six weeks. I felt sick all the time and I had such terrible cramps sometimes that all I could do was cry.

“One weekend, I had worse cramping than usual and my husband called Dr Link for help. I had been in terrible pain for 24 hours. I could not sleep or eat. All I could do was lie in the bed and cry and pray. My husband got a hold of Dr. Link, who recommended a product called Cramplex to help me. I took it as soon as my husband brought it home and within 15 minutes I was without cramps and able to fall asleep.

“At one point, Dr. Link also put me on some digestive enzymes as well to help me digest food. Then my bowel shut down, so he put me on a regimen of enemas to stimulate the bowel. Within a month of the abovementioned treatment I was moving my bowels on my own again and my digestion had improved greatly.

“By this time, Dr. Link had become certified in Nutrition Response Testing and had begun to use it with me. He found that I was sensitive to almost everything in the foods stressor box. My digestive function was highly reactive. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to avoid everything that could cause me any problems, thus saving myself what I know would have been even more pain and distress. As I continued to take the supplements Dr. Link found for me with the testing, I got better and better. The weight loss stopped and I was able to eat more of a variety. I could even take my supplements without them having to be crushed in applesauce or stirred into water. I was not in pain anymore.

“All in all, it took only a month and a half to get me through the worst of these digestive problems.  I have talked to other ‘floxies’, or people who were hit by the same drug I took, and they are still suffering with digestive distress; some for years on end. I think a month and a half is nothing compared to years. And I know I have Dr. Link and Nutrition Response Testing to thank for it.

I hope you found this patient’s story interesting and helpful. It is just one more proof that Nutrition Response Testing can help in even a difficult case like this one.

Until we meet again, here is to your good health.

Dr. Jon R. Link