The Health Corner Vol. 53 – Case History: Thyroid Problems

We have been looking at some of the success stories that have resulted from my employment of Nutrition Response Testing when treating my patients. I have seen some really amazing thing happen with seemingly ‘hopeless’ cases. And I have never heard of nor used a procedure that could find and help with such a variety of health concerns as this testing.

This next patient came to me with some very common symptoms that I was used to seeing in my office. I have discussed in previous articles the thyroid and the widely varied symptoms that can arise from its being in some way compromised. The thyroid is a very important gland in the body that regulates all sorts of bodily processes. I have seen patients with just mildly bothersome symptoms stemming from thyroid malfunction. And I have seen patients whose lives were very majorly affected by it. But just about all these patients came to me with the same story. They had been to a medical doctor and had had all the tests deemed appropriate, but their thyroids had been found to be just fine.

I cannot tell you how many times I have found a hidden thyroid condition in my patients using Nutrition Response Testing. And when put on the right diet and supplement program, each of these patients has responded well and had favorable results. This is why I do not put much stock in the usually prescribed thyroid blood tests. They seem to fail to find the problem more often than not; so many patients suffer for years or even a lifetime, all because their hidden thyroid conditions have not been found using conventional medical testing.

Now, I would like to share a very simple story of a thyroid gone wrong and how a patient of mine found appreciable relief by following a program I recommended for her with Nutrition Response Testing…

“I suffered with being cold all the time for sixteen years. The cold feeling was so bad that even in the summer when it was 90 degrees outside I would still have to turn on the heat in the car and wear socks to bed. I even had to sleep with at least three blankets. It seemed as if I could never get truly warm.

“When I met and talked to Dr. Link briefly about my problem, he said he thought he could help me using a new procedure he had learned recently. So, I made an appointment. Dr. Link did Nutrition Response Testing on me, which, at first, I found to be a little unusual. I did not see how the procedure, which is not a typical medical procedure, could tell me anything about my symptoms. But I’m glad I went through the testing because the results were phenomenal! All through the testing, Dr. Link explained to me what he was doing and how my own body was indicating to him what it needed to help me get well.

“With the testing, Dr. Link was able to pinpoint my thyroid as the problem and find a diet and supplement program to help me. I went home and took the products just as he prescribed. After just two weeks on the products I began to notice an improvement in my body temperature. This continued to improve over the next six weeks until I got to the point where I felt comfortably warm all of the time. In fact, this last winter when it got very cold I could go outside with a light coat and not feel at all chilled. I don’t have to wear socks to bed now. And I don’t suffer from constantly cold feet and hands anymore. When I go to bed, I only need one blanket, even in the coldest weather.

“I am so thankful to Dr. Link for bringing about these changes in my health! It may seem a small thing to many people, but after being cold all of the time for so many years, it is good to feel normal and healthy! My husband is happy, too. He says, ‘Thank you, Dr. Link, for saving my honey!’”

Sometimes it is the simple changes in our health that make us the most happy! To this patient, feeling warm again made a great deal of difference in her life. But, speaking as a health practitioner, I can tell you that changing this patient’s perception of heat and cold is one of the smallest concerns I had about her dysfunctional thyroid. After having treated several patients with thyroid issues, I am convinced that if this particular patient had not gotten help for her thyroid she would have suffered much more unpleasant effects at some point in the future. I am glad I had the Nutrition Response Testing procedure at my disposal when she came in.

I hope that if you are suffering from symptoms for which you have not found answers, you will not hesitate to call for an appointment to discuss your issues. I would be happy to help you in your quest for your ultimate wellness.

Until then, here’s to your good health!

Dr. Jon R. Link