Program Guidelines

It is important that you keep all appointments as scheduled in order to ensure maximum progress in your case.  If for some reason you cannot keep an appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance.  You will need to reschedule that appointment for the SAME week if at all possible.

Follow-up visits generally take 10 minutes or less.  Extended visits, though rarely needed, are charged proportionally.  To save time on your visits, write down your questions and let doctor know about these at the beginning of the visit.  In between visits, it is highly recommended that you take up any questions with the Patient Advocate, either by phone or in person, since there is no charge for time spent with the Patient Advocate.

Fill out your Daily Record of Food Intake form as you eat each meal and snack between visits.  Make it a habit to do it this way and not wait until the end of the day or later.  This will ensure accurate information for the doctor.

TRY NOT to miss any doses of your supplements.  Missed doses will slow down improvement and extend the time it takes to complete your program.  If you miss a dose, you can make it up at your next dose.  If this happens repeatedly, let the doctor know so your supplement schedule can be modified.

Please keep in mind that our nutritional products DO NOT cause ‘side effects’ as they are not drugs.  Occasionally after starting a nutritional program, you may feel a temporary worsening or even feel ‘sick’.  If this occurs, do NOT cancel your appointment.  Immediately call the office. Sometimes these flare-ups are actually a ‘Healing Crisis’ which indicates your body is starting to heal by throwing off toxins that have been keeping you sick.  By fine-tuning your program, we can help you get through these types of situations much more smoothly, if they even occur. When you are not doing well is when it is often most important to come in so we can fine-tune your program and help you correct the underlying cause of the problem more rapidly.

It is REQUIRED that you attend at LEAST one of our public education workshops within the first four weeks of your program.  This is for YOUR own benefit.  Each lecture we do is approximately 1 hour so that is like getting six office visits ABSOLUTELY FREE.  We encourage you to bring a friend or family member who is supportive of you coming to our office for care.  This would allow them to see and better understand what exactly it is we do.  In addition, it may even encourage them to become a patient themselves.  This would be to your benefit because every time people do a program as teammates they get BETTER RESULTS and FASTER IMPROVEMENTS.

Please consider all the dynamics in your life that could interfere with or prevent you from doing or completing your health improvement program.  If you need assistance in working out how to handle any obstacles in your quest for better health, please stay in communication with the patient advocate.

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