Arm and Hand Pain

I really don’t know what and how it happened but one day my arm and hand just started aching and hurting. They hurt so much I thought I would pass out in my truck. The pain was absolutely excruciating. When I got home, I called Dr. Link, but as luck would have it, the office was closed that afternoon. I took aspirin and other pain medication but it didn’t help. I couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t sleep, sit or lay down. I was just jumping from spot to spot all afternoon and night. Any movement would awaken me. I could not sleep in bed, could not lie down or could not work. I had to sleep in a recliner it was so bad. Friday morning, I saw Dr. Link and he told me that I had a pinched nerve after showing me how bad my neck x-rays were.

With adjustments traction, and physical therapy I felt a little relief the first week. After one and a half weeks, I had some pain, but not like before. I started gradually getting better over the next three months.

Now I am back to my normal self. There is still a little achiness but I’m sure it will get better. My condition is 95% normal. I’ve been sleeping in bed the last two weeks after sleeping in my recliner for the last two months. I was pretty bummed out at first because I couldn’t do anything but sit around. Any activity, even trying to drive my truck was unbearable. Now you wouldn’t know that I had gone through such an ordeal. It is truly amazing when I think back to how painful this condition was to how much relief I have now, and to think that Dr. Link did it all without drugs. That is truly a miracle.