Back Pain

I have been a mechanic for over twenty years and enjoy what I do. My back started bothering me about ten years ago. I would alternate between sleeping on the couch and the bed to try to relieve the pain. The pain got so bad that I couldn’t ride in a car more than fifteen minutes.

I finally went to a chiropractor (not Dr. Link) and got some relief. My back still bothered me and I still had trouble sleeping at night. I quit going to the other chiropractor because he wasn’t helping me. I was talking to a family friend about my back problems and she recommended Dr. Link.

Three years ago, I finally came to Dr. Link and after a half a dozen visits I felt better than I had in years. I figured he had me all fixed up so I quit coming.

This past summer my neck started bothering me again. I had the same symptoms as before. I couldn’t sleep and my back was bothering me. I came back to Dr. Link. This time I followed Dr. Link’s advice and treatment plan. I went to all my visits. I still come once a month for my maintenance visit. As a matter of fact, my back and neck feel so good that I forgot to come to my last appointment. Thanks for reminding me girls and thank you Dr. Link.