Back Pain

I came to Dr. Link several years ago with back pain, and as soon as I got some relief I discontinued my visits. The pain returned and was much worse. I suffered from sciatic pain that was so intense I could barely function. As a nurse, I work 12 hour shifts. It was impossible to sit at all. I could not drive or even ride in a car. At work, I was unable to sit and do my charting. At home, I could not sit and just relax or read the paper. My pain scale was a 10 plus, and I was on strong pain medicine from my medical doctor. However, the pain continued to worsen.

I ultimately returned to Dr. Link and began a series of adjustments. I was in such bad shape that it took four or five months for me to return to good health. Now, with regular monthly maintenance, I am 100% pain-free. Once again, I can sit, drive, perform my duties at work and enjoy a relaxing, comfortable home life. Everything in my life has changed for the better. When you feel well, your whole life improves. As long as I get an adjustment from Dr. Link once a month, I feel great. Dr. Link definitely turned my life around!

If you have obtained relief in the past by going to Dr. Link, be sure to continue going to him each month for a maintenance adjustment to remain pain-free and healthy.