Neck, Back and Leg Pain (a poem)

I had back, leg and neck pain with stiffness to no end,
Suffered and suffered until I became lame.
My family said, “If you go to Dr. Link, you’ll have no pain”.
I went and it wasn’t in vain.
I had seen a chiropractor, who adjusts only the neck,
Was like giving my fused spine a little peck.
Decided to give Dr. Link a try,
We counseled, x-rayed and he didn’t lie,
Gave me no promise but started adjusting and worked away,
Turned me into a pretzel, but not in dismay,
Soon a higher energy level took place and motivation improved.
There were times of discouragement when some pain returned.
Dr. Link said, “Please give me 90 days”, and he was right,
I’m now turning my head, stoop, and bend with delight
Walk with no limp on a leg that is basically pain free
Why, I’m ready for a shopping spree.