Numbness in Arms and Hands

My arms were numb from my shoulders to my fingertips. For three months, I had numbness and tingling in them. I could not pick up an object without it slipping out of my hand.
I couldn’t pull the covers over me at night. My hands were so swollen that I could not wear my wedding band. I had to run hot water (as hot as I could stand) over my hands to get them to move.

I got depressed and told my husband that I needed to go see Dr. Link. After Dr. Link worked with me about three months, I could pull the covers over me and hold a cup of coffee without dropping it. I could finally wear my wedding band again after six months of not being able to.

Now I’m doing my own housework and enjoying it. I can mop, run the sweeper and do anything else that I want to do. I was in bad shape and Dr. Link brought me back to normal.