Pinched Nerve

I have experienced low back pain on and off for years, caused from a pinched nerve. I would have problems after doing heavy work such as lifting heavy furniture and working out doors. I was also troubled with severe back pain during pregnancy and after the birth of each child.
The doctors were not able to help me.

About the end of February, 2007, it flared up again, and I was in a lot of pain. This time, I was also having terrible headaches. Before I began treatment with Dr. Link, I could not sleep, could not bend over or even sit. It was also difficult to stand, and I had difficulty getting in and out of cars. My daughter had to help me dress, and I had trouble taking a shower. At that time, I rated my pain level to be a 10.

After receiving adjustments and therapy from Dr. Link for only two months, I have improved over 90%. My pain level is now about a 1. The headaches stopped completely after just a couple of treatments. Everything is much different and much better now. I sleep very well, and I can now bend over and do my daily housework. I am able to sit, walk, stand and drive. This summer I hope to do some gardening. Now, I have more energy and am smiling a lot. I am happy, and I truly feel years younger without the pain! I can wear my high heels again and not be in any pain. I am glad I came to Dr. Link for treatment and will continue to get regular follow-up treatments to remain in good health.