Right Arm Partial Paralysis

My problem started last winter, when my neck and right arm began hurting. I also had some numbness and my hand would not work properly. I could not grip things, so my hand was just about worthless. Also, I noticed that I could not lie on my back for a long time without giving myself more pain. This, of course, interrupted my sleep.

I decided to see Dr. Link about this issue. He examined me and decided to give me adjustments to put things right again. As he worked with me I slowly began to recover the use of my arm and hand. The pain stopped, as well as the numbness. I have a good grip, and am able to do whatever I want with my hand now. My attitude and outlook have improved because the pain is gone and I am sleeping better. The only time I experience any difficulty at all is if I lie on my back for longer than 4 or 5 hours, then my arm will go to sleep. Otherwise, I feel my old self again.

I am very pleased with what Dr. Link has done for me. It was awful not having full use of my arm and hand. His adjustments helped make it possible for me to get back in my garden this May. Thank you, Dr. Link!