Severe Headaches, Back and Neck Pain

For about 10 years I suffered with severe headaches, back pain and neck pain. Many days I would be in so much pain that I could not get out of bed. I could not sleep I could not drive and I could not sit. I had a lot of stomach and intestinal problems. This condition left me feeling very depressed with no energy. I visited many doctors, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and was prescribed many medications, but nothing seemed to help for very long.

When I finally came to Dr. Link, my pain level was 10! Dr. Link began adjustments and conducted nutritional and health screenings to better pinpoint my various conditions and what would need to be done to correct them. I continued to receive timely adjustments and therapy, changed my diet drastically and started taking the necessary enzymes to aid in my return to good health.

My health has improved nearly 75%, and I am now able to sleep, drive, sit and get on with my life. I feel much better and have more energy and a more positive outlook. I would definitely refer Dr. Link to anyone who suffers not only from pain, but who also needs a whole nutritional change to improve his or her health.