Severe Hip Pain

Originally, I did not believe in chiropractors and had no idea how they could possibly do anything that would truly help a person. However, In September of 2007, I was getting up from my chair and my hip responded with an excruciating pain that generated down my leg to my knee. It was one of the worst pains I ever had felt and on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most severe pain, I gave it a ten plus. A couple of days later, still in severe pain, I was telling a friend about it and he referred me to Dr. Link, who agreed to see me immediately.

When I went to Dr. Link’s office, I could barely stand and walk. I was unable to farm, which I had been doing for many years. Before seeing Dr. Link, I had been to a medical doctor, who gave me pills that only made me constipated. They also sent me to physical therapy, which did not help. The medical doctors told me there wasn’t much they could do for me due to my age.

I then went to see Dr. Link, and he started giving me adjustments. Now, I can stand and walk again. I can do all the things I could not do before I came to Dr. Link. There is no pain at all, and I am back to helping with the farm work. My life has truly taken a turn for the better, thanks to Dr. Link.