Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


I own and operate a beauty shop and have been coming to Dr. Link as a chiropractic patient for several years. During that time, I began having symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The numbness escalated when I was doing hair color or perms on customers. I also do a lot of crafts which attributed to the numbness. I was experiencing a lot of pain and the numbness continued to worsen. This condition was affecting my ability to do my job efficiently and enjoy my hobbies.

About 3 months ago, I began the Nutrition Response Testing with Dr. Link. He put me on a regimen of supplements and modified my diet according to what my body did or did not require. In the beginning, I was taking quite a few supplements. As my body began to heal, I was able to discontinue supplements at each appointment. I have now gone from 17 supplements a day down to 5 as my body continues to return to a healthy state. The pain and numbness are completely gone. I am very happy that I was able to relieve the discomfort of carpal tunnel pain in this manner, and I now realize that “you are what you eat”. Rather than a medical doctor guessing at a diagnosis and treatment or surgery, Nutritional Response Testing actually tells the doctor where the problem lies and what type of nutrition your body needs to add or eliminate in order to return to a healthy state, without surgery or synthetic drugs.

– Betty R.