Insomnia, Headaches


I came to Dr. Link’s chiropractic office after several months of seemingly endless suffering.

I would wake in the morning feeling as if I had never been to bed. Talk about sleep deprivation. I could write a book on it. I didn’t even want to move. Because of severe headaches daily, I couldn’t care less to rise on sunny days. It only meant more pain. Tylenol and Ibuprophen only dulled it. A steaming, pulsating shower seemed to be the only relief available. Although that was only temporary, it is what got me motivated daily. Needless to say that at the age of 55 years of young, I was not a happy camper.

I don’t play well with medical doctors. It seems that they want to charge me $75.00 for 1/6th of an hour only to prescribe some wonder drug to suppress my symptoms while that same wonder drug quietly attacks other organs or cells of my already ravaged body.

Two weeks before my first visit with Dr. Link, I felt that I had to do something. But what? I was experiencing what I will call “spells”. My heart would race and my pulse would feel like it was going to jump right out of my skin. I remember that the last one lasting approximately 35 minutes. It was time to do something.

My mother was being treated by Dr. Link and she raved daily about her progress and how great she was feeling since her treatments. One day she mentioned some “natural” remedy that Dr. Link had prescribed for her. That was it! Just what I was looking for.

I made my first appointment approximately three months ago. Dr. Link explained that the treatments would take approximately three months. I thought, “What the hey? It couldn’t be any worse than the past few months.”

After the first week of treatments, I found that sleep no longer eluded me. The headaches ceased. I could actually look forward to those bright sunny mornings again. You talk about wonderful! I was actually focusing on my office duties rather than that pounding in my head. The fog had lifted.

After almost three months of treatments by Dr. Link, I feel like a new person. A young 55 again! I am no longer depressed. That ugly cloud hanging over my head has disappeared. I am not keyed up like a Jack-in-the-Box ready to explode. I haven’t had a “spell” since that first week of treatments.

I want to thank Dr. Link for his excellent care and his heartfelt interest in the individual as a whole. Each and every patient is “special” to him and he gives his utmost for each and every one. Sue, Vicki, and Miss Ellie are such a great asset to Dr. Link’s practice. The combination of professionalism and heartfelt hospitality makes for the greatest winning team of caregivers to be found. Thank you ALL!

– Connie V.