Knee Pain

I came to Dr. Link with knee pain that severely restricted my lifestyle. I was 52 years old and have always been very active, running and walking and trying to eat healthy foods. I did not want to have surgery, if at all possible, and wasn’t very excited about taking medications if it could be avoided. The knee pain had been gradually getting worse over the last couple of months, so much so that it was becoming difficult to walk and I had to engage steps with my left leg first, which really started to concern me.

Dr. Link tested me and told me that I had a fungus in my knee which was causing my problem. Although that may sound strange, I told him that I had a fungus on the back of my neck for 19 years which was gradually getting worse and medical treatment had failed to resolve it. I had been all over, having seen several dermatologists and other specialists without success only to see it gradually getting worse over the years. When I asked Dr. Link if the knee was related to the back of my neck he tested me and said that that appeared to be the case. He put me on a program and told me that because funguses were very resistant to therapy it would take time to see results with my knee. He also said that if I wanted he would work with the fungus on my neck. Because of the failure with traditional medical interventions I was willing to try his program. It took about four months for the knee to improve and in about six months it was completely healed. I could walk up stairs like a normal person and could even run if I wanted to.

The neck was a little different however. It has been 2 and a half years and the fungus on the neck is about 75% better, having reduced in size, with minimal flaking, little to no itch, practically no redness, and continuing to improve slowly. It may have taken a long time to get to this point but Nutrition Response Testing is the only thing that has been able to move it in the right direction. Dr. Link has been able to help me with a lot of other things in the meantime, and his Nutrition Response Testing is amazing. I see him first for everything. If he can’t help me he tells me but most of the time his natural methods are very effective. The only thing is that they take time to work most of the time but they actually address the cause and don’t just cover up the symptoms. Sometimes however, the effects are immediate and I notice a positive change within a day or so.

I would rather take natural supplements and watch my diet than take drugs to cover the symptoms and not get to the cause of my issues. My fungus is a perfect example. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had gone to an orthopedist. Thankfully enough, I didn’t listen to everyone who told me to go the traditional route and am very glad I didn’t. As strange as it seemed when Dr. Link told me I had a fungus affecting my knee I trusted his judgment and followed his program including working on my diet. I haven’t had any knee problems for over two years now and I can see the end of my neck fungus is in sight. If I hadn’t followed his advice God only knows where I would be today.

Thank you, Dr. Link, for your sincere concern and care for me. You have done wonders for me.

Jackie L