Pain After a Fall


In February of 2005, I had gall bladder surgery. March of 2005, I had a pacemaker put in. When I was home, I had the misfortune of falling. I have fallen many times in my life, so I thought this last fall just jarred all the old falls loose. But the pain was so severe that I had to go to the hospital and they did x-rays and after several months of suffering they told me that there was nothing they could do for me and that I should go home. While in the hospital they put me on a liquid diet. I lost fifty pounds.

When I got home, I could not eat hardly anything and I kept going downhill. My husband told me that we should go to see Dr. Link about the pain. The first of June, 2005, I went to see Dr. Link. I was in such bad condition that he could not do much at the time for my back pain. I was so weak and run down that Dr. Link gave me dietary supplements to build me up so I would get some strength back and I began to eat better. He also gave me heat treatments at the time. This went on until November, when he thought I was strong enough for some therapy. Before I started this, I was unable to get in bed by myself. I needed help getting into and out of bed. I had to use a walker to get around the house. I was in such severe pain that I didn’t care if I lived or died.

Since I have been having treatments with Dr. Link, my pain is considerably improved. I can get in and out of bed by myself and move around the house without a walker. I am back to doing some of my housework. I am cooking the noon meal now. When I do go out now, I use the cane when walking. I have gained twenty pounds back. I hope, in time, more of my pain will go away. If I hadn’t seen Dr. Link when I did I don’t think I would be here today. In short, the medical doctors gave up on me. Dr. Link gave me back hope, health, and my life.

– Gertrude S.